Aerospace Test Equipments

Aerospace Engine Test Equipment
+ Test Cells
Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce / Allison, Turbomeca
General Electric Aero Engines, Isotov, Allied Signal
Test Equipment & Instrumentation
Industrial Engines Test Cell

+ Component Test Stands
Fuel Nozzle, Fuel Pump, Governor, Air Valves, Fuel Control Unit
Oil to Fuel Heater, Oil System (Flushing)

+ Instrumentation & Control Systems
Instrumentation Packages
Data Acquisition Systems
Electronic Engine Control Harnesses
Battery Boxes, PLC and Motor Control Centers
Throttle Control Systems

+ Test Cell Systems
Engine Stands/Thrust Stands, Fuel Farm
Systems, and Refueling Systems
Experimental Test Equipment

+ Aerospace Ground Support Test Equipment
Universal Hydraulic Test Bench
Hydraulic Test Stands
Generator Equipments
High Pressure Hose Test Bench
Fuel Pump Hydraulic Test Bench
Fuel control Hydraulic Test Bench
Components and circuits
Starter - generator
Propeller governors
Turbine main components (fuel pump, fuel control)
Power turbine governor
- Magneto Alternator Test Bench
- Power supply, GPU 28 Vdc up to 1600 A
- GPU 115-200 Vac 400 Hz
- Frequency converter 400 Hz up to 120 kVA
- Aircraft cooling rig
- Turbine compressor washing systems
- Engine compressor washing stand
- Filtration Equipment
- Electric Lift
- Hydraulic Jacks etc


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